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Educating pupils aged 6 to 18 in a culturally and linguistically rich environment ensuring international recognition and a smooth transition to national education systems and other European Schools in the EU.

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We are entering the second week of gathering online. Last week, was a challenge for all of us on the one hand but was also encouraging and comforting on the other. Together, as a school community, we did a marvellous job that couldn't have been done without your unconditional support for your children. It looks like there will be some difficult weeks ahead of us, as we don't know when the state of emergency will be suspended. Stay resilient, stay at home and stay healthy, together we can do everything.

The European School Ljubljana will be closed from 16th until 27th March 2020. For any additional information contact the e-mail addresses and phone numbers that you can find in Contacts.

Wishing you well!

We have been following with concern the news about coronavirus (COVID-19) that is spreading through neighbouring countries. The Ministry of Education ensures us that there is no reason for panic, however it is advisable to stick to following instructions:

  • We should avoid close contact with people who show signs of infection.
  • We should not touch our eyes, nose and mouth.
  • In case we get sick, we should rather stay at home.
  • We should take recommended respiratory hygiene measures when coughing or sneezing.
  • We should wash our hands regularly.
  • In case water and soap are not available, we should use a skin disinfectant with at least 60% of alcohol.
  • According to the current epidemic situation it is not necessary to wear masks.
  • We should avoid staying in enclosed spaces crowded with people and we should make sure the air indoors is well-ventilated.

In the European School Ljubljana we are going to keep track of the situation and inform the parents immediately in case any other measures should be taken.

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