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Educating pupils aged 6 to 18 in a culturally and linguistically rich environment ensuring international recognition and a smooth transition to national education systems and other European Schools in the EU.

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Primary 1 enrolment are open for children who turn six in the calendar year of entrance. Enrolment will takes place every February. If there are any available openings left in classes after the enrolment procedure or after the applications have been collected, enrolment will be possible until they are filled.


 (Article 32 of the Rules on the Implementation of the European School of Education Program)

The priority admittance right is given to the children of the employees of the EU institutions and agencies.

Other children are ranked in their priority admittance accordingly:

  • children who have previously been enrolled in the programme of the European Schools;
  • children of foreign citizens, employed at diplomatic or consular representations, in companies and other organizations in the Republic of Slovenia;
  • children of Slovenian citizens, who have signed or are going to be posted employees in the EU institutions or agencies or diplomatic or consular representations;
  • children of other Slovenian citizens and foreigners having a permanent or temporary accommodation in the Republic of Slovenia.

If an excess of students applies for entrance into the European School Ljubljana, the school will take into account the priority order of interested candidates, as well as the additional criteria:

  • Among the candidates who have been ranked equally after the application of the criteria from Article 32 of the Rules, priority is given to those whose siblings (brother, sister, half-brother, half-sister) are already enrolled in the program of the European School of Ljubljana.
  • Among applicants who have been ranked equally after the application of the criteria in Article 32 of the Rules as well as the requirements listed above, those who be ranked at a higher percentile in the Questionnaire on Interpersonal Differences in Children and Adolescents (VMR-OM) in extroversion and conscientiousness will have priority of enrolment.


A fundamental principle of the European Schools is the teaching of mother tongue/dominant language as a first language (L1). This principle implies the pupil’s enrolment in the section of his/her mother tongue/ dominant language where such a section exists.

If the section corresponding to a pupil’s mother tongue/dominant language does not exist, he/she will be enrolled in the English language section. On the other hand he/she can also exercise the right to be enrolled in the Slovenian language section.

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