Joined in a rainbow of diversity

Educating pupils aged 6 to 18 in a culturally and linguistically rich environment ensuring international recognition and a smooth transition to national education systems and other European Schools in the EU.

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The European School Ljubljana carries out its programme at two levels, primary and secondary level. Primary level lasts for 5 years, P1 to P5 (pupils aged 6 to 11). Read more

Secondary level lasts for 7 years, S1 to S7 and ends with the European Baccalaureate (EB). Read more


The programme will be run in two language sections, Slovenian and English sections, and will be following the European School syllabus – more about this can be found here.

TIMETABLE FOR YEARS 1-5: English section


​Years 1 and 2

​Years 3-5

​Mother tongue 
*(SWALS Language 1 - L1) 

​8 hours

(2 hours 30 minutes)

​6 hours 45 minutes

(3 hours 45 minutes)


​4 hours

​5 hours 15 minutes

​Language 2 (L2) 

​2 hours 30 minutes

​3 hours 45 minutes

Slovenian as additional language

            1 hour

1 hour  30 minutes

Physical education 

​5 hours

​3 hours

​Discovery of the World 

​1 hour 30 minutes

​3 hours

​European Hours


​1 hour 30 minutes


​1 hour

​1 hour 30 minutes


​3 hours 30 minutes

​2 hours 30 minutes


​26 hours 30 minutes

28  ​hours 45 minutes

*SWALS - students without a language section in their mother tongue



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tel.: +386 1 2411 626

Head teacher: Darinka Cankar

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